Shelly - Life after breast cancer (3 yrs post diagnosis) 1998 Age: 30 

Your Coach, Shelly - Livin' & Lovin' Life!
2015 Age: 47


Hi, my name is Shelly Aaron and I am the founder of RejuveClub. I created RejuveClub for those women who are tired of feeling less than ideal with their health, are feeling alone in their wellness journey but who are ready for a deeper connection and commitment to their health goals.


Little did I know that when I was fighting my own battle - stage 3 breast cancer in 1995 - that I would undergo a complete transformation that left me 50+ pounds overweight, with aching knees and back, feeling fatigued & emotionally depleted, and trying to find my way back to feeling like my old self again.  


Unfortunately the journey was not an easy one for me. I felt like I could not get myself out of the rut that cancer had left me in. My attempt at going at it alone made me sad and depressed and sent me into a tailspin until I decided to take the bull by the horns. I knew I needed to make some hard, necessary changes in order to ensure that my remaining life would be lived to the fullest for my family, for my friends, and most importantly…for me!  


In 2000, at my 5-year cancer-free marker, I had lost the majority of my weight, ran my first half-marathon, and, I started helping others along in their own wellness journey. You see, through my own healing process my true passion and dedication in helping others with their own healing came to fruition. I soon transformed my professional life for good by becoming an ACSM Personal Trainer, a Certified BodyMind Health Coach, a Massage/Thai Yoga Practitioner and, finally, a Yoga Teacher.  


Whether you have a past or current illness, weight to lose, strength or flexibility to gain, injuries to nurture, or hills to climb, RejuveClub has a place just for you and we can’t wait for you to join us. There is no reason you should have to do this alone. There are women just like yourself who are successfully changing their lives to a healthier, happier one… together!