I'd like to introduce my good friend, Lynn Taylor.  Lynn has been teaching Hatha yoga for over two decades and has been studying yoga for 35 years. Since meeting Lynn, I have admired her spunky attitude and I've been inspired by her knowledgeable & compassionate teachings of Ayurveda and yoga health coaching.  


I'm happy to announce that we've decided to join forces this fall season to bring you our first detox... the Vital Wellness Fall Detox!  


As you know, I'm all about sharing my secrets when it comes to rejuvenating your health and your soul, so of course you're invited to come on this rejuvenating journey with us!  We're here to support you all along the way while you reset, restore and rejuvenate your health.


Please welcome my first featured RejuveClub Health Leader, Lynn Taylor of Lynn Taylor Vital Wellness.

Lynn is an E-RYT500 yoga teacher.  Although she first experienced yoga at the tender age of 12, she really began her in depth studies after moving to Los Angeles and becoming a television executive. She credits yoga with keeping her sane, grounded and healthy during her 22 years in the industry. In 2001 she left television to pursue a career that spoke to her heart: teaching, studying and practicing the healing arts.


Lynn is also a Health Coach, working with people individually and in groups, to assist them, through the sublime wisdom of Ayurveda, to update their daily rhythms and live a more vibrant life. By aligning with nature, we are naturally able to live a more empowered, easeful and joyous life. Join her on this journey with her signature program, “Bhavana Vibrant Body”.

When not teaching in LA, Lynn can be found coaching on line, teaching yoga retreats in inspiring locations, or traveling the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

about our Fall Detox.

Join us this October for a 3 week cleanse tailored specifically to you and your goals.

 Fall is the perfect time to bolster your health & support your body's defense systems for the winter months ahead. Lynn & Shelly are ready to guide you through the process of cleansing your body so that you can feel your best for the upcoming winter season.  Is this for you?  Take our Detox Quiz below to find out! 


  • to improve your health?

  • to cleanse your body of stored toxins?

  • to head into the holidays lighter & clearer?

  • to strengthen your digestion?

  • to think more clearly or calm your mind?

  • to boost your body's immune system?

  • to improve the way you're aging? 

  • a boost in your weight-loss efforts?

  • to feel renewed vitality in your body?

  • to shift your unhealthy cravings?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we should chat.  

But hurry, we begin on October 10th and space is limited!

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