Who should detox/cleanse?  

With few exceptions, EVERYONE should detox.  Your digestion needs a periodic rest and that is what a detox / cleanse is for.  Through the detox process, your body can literally dump accumulated waste and toxins from it’s system and clear the way for optimal health — both physical and mental.  For this short time, we rid ourselves completely of everything but the most nutrient rich foods / juices and give our bodies a chance to reset.  For this short time, we cut out processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, weed, recreational drugs, nicotine (if possible) and even lifestyle toxicity, like too much  television or time on the computer, toxic relationships, a cluttered living environment.


Many times, we sense it.  We know there are things we are clinging to that do not serve us, that hold us back in our lives.  This is our opportunity to experience what our lives would be like without those things, to experience just how full and clear and free we can be.   


Is there a good time to detox/cleanse?  

Traditionally, the juncture of the seasons is the time to detox, especially in the Fall and the Spring.  Fall is the perfect time to clear out any excesses from the heat of summer that may weaken our immune systems heading into the cooler winter season.  It’s also an opportunity to head into the holiday season feeling clear and grounded with new insights into what is optimal for your health and wellbeing.  Spring, on the other hand, is an ideal time to clear out the winter stagnation, weight, and sluggishness.

How do you detox?

The simple answer:  One step at a time.  

We'll be there to coach you through the detox starting with your private & personal detox design session.  Once you're in our detox program, you'll receive the Vital Wellness Detox ebook, multiple group conference calls, a private Facebook forum, and best of all... support & encouragement from your own Vital Wellness/RejuveClub detox community.  



I will be traveling for work/vacation during the detox.  Can I still participate?

You're definitely welcome to join us if you feel you'll be able to stay up with your detox plan, along with staying connected to the Vital Wellness/RejuveClub community.  If it's not a good time for you, then by all means, wait until the time is right for you to fully engage in your detox process.  

I don't live in the area.  Can I still participate?

Of course you can still participate if you don't live in the area!  Our detox program is designed specifically so that people who are not local can participate !   That's the beauty of an online program!   You can participate from the comfort of your home or office.  We strongly encourage you to be on our live calls but if you can’t make it, we’ll post the recorded calls on our forum for you to listen to later.  

Can I still participate if I have a health-related condition?

If you have a current health condition, we ask that you check-in with your doctor to ensure that the detox/cleanse is the best option for you at this time.  


You can support your vital health by cleansing your body of the unwanted habits or things in your diet/life that may be holding you back from your ideal health.  Sugar, alcohol, excessive caffeine, recreational drugs, etc., can tax your body's natural defense systems, worsening certain health conditions.  Some cleanses can improve your health condition by supporting your body as it resets - allowing your body time to rest and rejuvenate to vibrant health.  Again, please consult with your doctor before entering any detox/cleanse program.​  

Where do I go to attend the group conference calls?


That's easy!  First you'll need to register for our calls.  You'll only need to register once.  Once you have registered for the Vital Wellness Fall Detox calls, you simply call-in to our group conference call using the phone number Maestroconference.com provides you along with your designated pin#.  


Can I share my pin # with my family/friends?


Unfortunately there's only so many pin numbers to go around and your pin number is your ticket into our private calls.  Your friends will need their own pin# to join-in on our conversations.  Please feel free to send this to them.  We'd love it if they joined us!


Is this going to be difficult to go through?

Again, each individual is uniquely different so it's hard to tell how difficult it will be for you until you actually go through the process.  What we can say, however, is if you stick to it - until the end - you will come away with a deeper understanding of your existing health, habits and life.  


What if I still have questions or tech issues?  

Shelly Aaron is your designated Fall Detox Concierge and you can reach her at shelly@rejuveclub.com or you can direct message her on our private Facebook forum.