I Celebrate You


Dear RejuveClub Member,

This year marks my 20th year of being in remission from Stage III Breast Cancer. I remember as if it was yesterday going through torturous rounds of chemo, feeling like crap, endless doc appointments, procedures, tests and surgeries. It turns my stomach just thinking about it. At this 20 year mark I will be celebrating my life in a very special way! I will be celebrating the creation of you, my own RejuveClub program. You see, RejuveClub members, you are one of my life purposes, my dharma. I'm still here for a reason and that reason is to assist women like you. Women that want to achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Women who want to love their bodies. Women who feel energized by movement. Women who glow with inner strength and determination. Women... like you! Thank you for being a part of the club I've always longed for. Thank you for being the beautiful and courageous women I get to serve every day. I'm eternally grateful. Now let's party! ❤️ Shelly


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