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Be careful what you ask for! Just over a year ago, I awoke one early morning to discover a pressing desire within myself to dive deeper into my Dharma, my life's purpose. Uncertain of where I was headed or who might guide me in this quest, I kept on with my intention for finding my way to a deeper level of connectivity, a teacher and the community I was longing for. I searched high and low until one day I gratefully discovered my current teacher and coach, Cate Stillman. I was soon immersed in Cate's captivating and inspirational lessons and I was immediately connected to an array of yoga teachers and health practitioners from around the world. The year has gone by in a flash and my passion to lead women to a deeper understanding of their own constitutions, healthier and stronger bodies and minds, has evolved using the ancient Ayurveda and Yogic wisdom. In fact, my new 10 week program, RejuveClub, is the gift of this past year-long journey. And now, I am honored and delighted to be speaking for the Yoga Beyond the Poses 2015 Telesummit: Easy Ayurveda for Health and Happiness.

This powerful event is being held by my friend Sarah Hutchinson, founder of Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness, to evolve the conversation about what yoga offers us in addition to the poses. This year she's bringing together thought leaders and teachers to talk about yoga’s sister science Ayurveda, and how we can engage Ayurveda to brighten our lives and live our yoga off the mat.

Join 20+ extraordinary yoga thought leaders in this FREE online event. These are sought-after leaders and speakers who are passionate, like I am, about the power of the yogic sciences - and how they are perfectly designed for today’s stresses and challenges.

Yoga Beyond the Poses opens up conversations we are all ready for. As we know, Yoga and Ayurveda have an incredible ability to heal and empower us individually and collectively. What would happen if more people meditated, practiced radical self-care and learned how to breathe?

I’m so excited to participate in this practical, provocative event. These visionaries will share insights from their personal journeys with Ayurveda and Yoga, as well as their insights on Yoga Beyond the Poses.

Best of all, participation is EASY and FREE! You can listen live on the web.

I hope you'll accept the gift of this invitation. Please join me in this community of divinely empowered yogis to explore the inspiring realms of Ayurveda, meditation, radical self-care and more.

I look forward to "seeing" you there. Sincerely, - Shelly Aaron Owner, RejuveClub

To join me for Yoga Beyond the Poses now click here.

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