Facing Your Fears to Overcome Obstacles

My new RejuveClub podcast launched today and I have to share with anyone out there listening.... I've had a ton of resistance around the act of actually launching my podcast. Call it what you will but it was one of the hardest things I've done in awhile. I find it interesting to look back at past accomplishments of my life such as fighting my own cancer, going to the other side of the world twice to adopt the loves of my life and I've even faced many other insecurities over the course of my lifetime that felt much, much easier than launching this podcast.

Why launch the podcast then in the first place, you ask? Well, I wanted to reach out to women who may be looking for the support, encouragement and community of women who desire to live their healthiest, happiest, sexiest life. Unfortunately, I lost sight of my intention as I intently focused on launching the perfect podcast. As I re-recorded introductions, sponsor's ads and episodes, I kept putting off the launch by delaying, re-working, and distracting myself until I could find my way back to getting past my stubborn resistance and just doing it...that is, launching my damn podcast.

And here it is! The RejuveClub podcast was scheduled to launch back in September of 2015 but that doesn't matter anymore. It's far from perfect, in fact, the recorded interview with my very dear client skips and crackles from time-to-time but that doesn't matter anymore either. What matters is the content of the first episode. Her name is Soozee. When I hear Soozee's episode, the reason to launch my podcast becomes crystal clear again. When I see the actual obstacles that Soozee has overcome, my resistance around launching my podcast feels pretty insignificant.

In Soozee's episode, you'll hear how she decided to face her own fears to take charge of her life and improve her health by taking one step at a time. She conquers those fears by pursuing things she's never experienced before and basking in the gratifying glory of accomplishment, which ultimately fuels her to do even more! Soozee's persistence and dedication to improve her health continues to kick resistance aside, empowering her to leap and bound forward...literally. Thank you Soozee for sharing your personal story with the world. Thank you for pulling me through my own resistance to launch our podcast. More importantly, I truly believe that if just one person resonates with Soozee's story, encouraging them to face and move past their own health-related resistance, my RejuveClub Podcast has successfully accomplished it's mission.

Download here to listen to Soozee's episode! Thanks for listening!



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