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Do you ever feel like you're up against a brick wall when it comes to reaching your goals? Do you feel like you've tried everything you can do to reach your goals but then nothing seems to work? Are you frustrated with your progress, and now frustrated with your lack of motivation to continue on to your goals? Are you ready to give up on your goals because it feels like you just don’t have what it takes to achieve them?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. We all slip into negative feelings and thoughts from time-to-time. It’s human nature. However, on the brighter side of things, sometimes negative feelings can be the very thing that gets us to finally take action on what we truly want in our lives.

I'd like to share a few of my own limiting beliefs that I had when I was at my heaviest weight. You see, my body kept growing larger and larger in all of the wrong places and my clothes kept getting smaller and smaller. I certainly did not feel justified to go out and spend a lot of money on new clothes since they would soon be too small to wear too. During a moment of desperation one day I decided to drive to our local Target store to pick out a very inexpensive outfit to wear to a party I was dreading to attend. (Let me be clear.. I was dreading the party because I didn’t have a thing to wear to the party which magnified how uncomfortable and awful I felt in my large body.) With all of my clothes now too small to wear, I thought that this quick, easy, and inexpensive shopping trip “fix" would be just the ticket to resolve my wardrobe emergency. (Later diagnosed as Retail Therapy.)

As I huffed and I puffed away in my dressing room, perspiring and all, it appeared that every single clothing item in the department I was accustomed to shopping in only had smaller-sized clothing. When I asked the clerk about their shrinking sizes she smiled and suggested I visit the “Plus-Sized” section of their store. I have never been in the plus-sized section before but here I was… faced with the fact that I am destined to live in the larger clothing section forever more. By the way, I don’t mean to offend anyone who shops in this section of the store. Rather, I just wasn’t used to the idea and I was in disbelief. No, I was stunned. How could my body betray me in such a way? I knew chemo drugs did a number on my body, but how was it that I had to be the patient that didn’t lose weight from chemotherapy? Why did this happen to me? Hadn’t I been through enough already?

I can remember the exact feelings I had that very day. I remember how my negative beliefs about myself served a purpose and there I was, living right up to the very moment of my beliefs and negative feelings about myself - in the very section I felt, to some degree, destined to be in.

With that being said, I believe those negative feelings started to wake me up, slapping me with a bit of reality, with the wake-up call I needed. No, I didn’t turn it all around in that moment but I did start to notice how healthy, weight-proportionate-to-body-frame people spoke about their weight and their body image.

They spoke in terms of empowered beliefs. First, by way of their own empowered actions and then in their empowered words, at times, directed at me. At first, I was put off… thinking, “How do they know what it’s like being in my body? Besides, I’ve been through hell and back. I have my reasons for being 50+ pounds overweight….” But then, I slowly started hanging around these certain individuals, which started influencing my behavior and my habits a bit more with every visit. In fact, the quote “You’re the Average of the Five People You Spend The Most Time With” seriously hits home with me as I write this blog post.

As I slowly started to change my attitude and my behaviors, my body started to change. As hard as it was, I let those limiting beliefs rest as I reconstructed the new empowering beliefs in my head. Slowly, my weight began to change. Slowly, I began to shift back into the very clothes that didn’t fit before. And slowly, I began to feel like my old self again.

Looking back, my beliefs are the very thing that lead me to and held me incarcerated in my unhappy and unhealthy body. And on the flip side, my beliefs are the very thing that kept me accountable to my goals and inspired to do all that I could to boost my efforts to achieve my goals. As I got closer to my goals, I started to feel the shift... away from my limiting beliefs as I moved toward my empowered beliefs, along with my lighter and brighter attitude and body.

So, my last question to YOU is this… Are your limiting beliefs holding YOU back from your deepest desire, your destiny? If your limiting beliefs are holding you back, are you ready to squash those beliefs about yourself so that you can empower your life, to become the person you’ve always wanted or dreamed you could be? Yes?… Then we should talk… I have an amazing group of inspiring women. And trust me when I say, as much as you need them…they need you. Right now. They are the group you need to hang out with. We are the RejuveClub! And we welcome you... Listen here to the RejuveClub's Empowering Your Beliefs episode!

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