Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Welcome to our very special conversation about Spring Cleaning (aka: Clearing Space) with my lovely, Pamela Marsh!

Listen-in on how we seem to say the same things to our own students & clients around letting go of your clutter (& stuff) so you can make room for the very things you love.

My special guest, Pamela Marsh, was born with a natural ability to organize. With a local professional background in marketing and advertising, Pam's next two decades of experience as a top business and social event planner proved her organizational talents at all levels. Today, her company Organize/Create/Design combines her wealth of experience and skill to tailor personalized organizational solutions for individuals and businesses. Pam's empathy naturally diffuses any roadblocks and allows her clients to successfully integrate workable systems for busy lives.

Don't miss Pam's next course!

Conquering Office Clutter - Reclaiming Your Work Space

at South Seattle College.

April 26, 2016


Please Call 206.934.5339 to register!

or email: pamelamarsh@comcast.com.net

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