"Shelly is an inspiration and motivates with a smile and enthusiasm! Shelly is consistent and knowledgeable with her exercise program and health promoting strategies."


“Shelly not only showed me how to promote and maintain weight loss, but she also gave me a sense that I wasn't alone in this. She was there for every step, every pound lost! Total weight loss with Shelly has been about 50 pounds over two years.  And even though it is still hard to keep off this weight, knowing what I have learned from Shelly has made all the difference in keeping it off!”  


“Shelly is a very committed coach who cares about the health and well being of everyone she is working with. She motivated me to push myself when I needed it most. Shelly helped me renew my enjoyment for fitness.” 


“This is the best investment I have made in myself in decades. Shelly's infectious, positive attitude really helps participants engage in their own health. She is a real inspriation. On this program, I lost 22 pounds in 12 weeks and I feel great!” 


“Hi Shelly!  I just got out of my dr appt and couln't wait to tell you how amazed she was with my gait since she saw me last.  I told her I owe it all to you! Thank you Shelly, you've changed my life. Xoxoxo.” 


I feel very fortunate to have found Shelly and RejuveClub. Getting in a well-rounded workout several times a week has never felt easier or more enjoyable and the consistency has really paid off in improved body strength and tone. Shelly’s passion for good health is infectious. She has a gift for creating a gracious, respectful, and energizing group environment that really supports and motivates me to do more. I especially appreciate the way she infuses her rich mix of expertise as personal trainer, yoga instructor, massage therapist, and nutrition coach into workouts, tips, and opportunities.



I have found so much support in the RejuveClub format and truly believe that it wouldn't be the same without Shelly's energy, enthusiasm and heart. The combination of in-person, phone and online elements works really well with busy schedules so it's easy to stay engaged and accountable. I'm looking forward to the next session of RejuveClub!



Coach Shelly has been a great motivational and inspirational coach. She has a great, open personality and truly puts her heart into her work. Shelly is committed to us and is always checking in on where we are at, how we are doing, what can she do differently to help us achieve our individual goals. When I committed to doing my first overnight backpacking trip and needed to train, she didn't hesitate to bring me a pack to practice with and it really helped push me in a subtle and encouraging way. Shelly has passion for what she does and it's infectionous.


Coach Shelly inspires me to work harder and smarter in fitness. She makes it fun. I changed my thinking from "oh I HAVE to work out" to "Yes! I get to work out with other motivated women!" We call it "Shelly Love" and it helped to increase my confidence on my ability to always be active no matter what happens. Shelly dedicated her time which in turn helped me to be dedicated to her and the group. This is a very special environment that she has created and I am glad to have been a part of it.