Has a particular lifestyle or habit become overly excessive in your life?  

Is it taking a toll on your health?

  • Exercising too much can be hard on the body's joints and tissues,

  • Working too much can be exhausting to your energy stores taxing your adrenal glands and cortisol levels.

  • Too much stress in your life can be a cause for sleeplesss nights, hypertension, high blood pressure and other serious health risks, 

  • Consuming too much food, alcohol or sugar can cause excessive weight gain and can cause harm to the vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys) of your body,

  • Sitting at your desk for long periods during your day can create hip, low back, and shoulder pain and discomfort,

  • Simply just having too much stuff in your environment can weigh you down causing undo stress & overwhelm feeding the vicious cycle to continue on and on... 


Each of these scenarios can tax the body's natural defense system... the Power of Rejuvenation.  


Rejuvenation is the body's natural response to restore energy (sleep/rest), rebuild (strengthen) and move through life (flexibility) with ease (not dis-ease) by way of balance (yin & yang) and union of the body and mind (yoga).  The good news is that the human body thrives to rejuvenate itself into to a healthier balance if given the slightest chance to do so.  ​


If you're ready to press the healthy reset button, RejuveClub is ready to safely and gently guide you on your upcoming health-enriching journey.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your health goals with Shelly!